Birth Photography

What is birth photography? 
Birth photography is where you hire a professional birth photographer to come along and capture the story of your labour and birth and the first hour or so of your babys life.

Why birth photography?

The days surrounding your birth are both amazing and miraculous in equal measure, for me it seems unfathomable that I would bring life into this world without having photographs taken since I have become aware of how much my birth images mean to me, and the difference it made to my own personal birth experiences. It is a time of great experiences, and love, and strength, and togetherness that you will have yet to experience, and just like any major event in our lives, it is worthy in it’s own right of being documented I believe, for both yourselves, and for your children. I remember a time when everyone thought photographs of the bride getting ready in the morning were strange, now we don’t think twice about it, it’s an integral part of a wedding day, why wouldn’t we capture those moments, at their purest, and show them as the important part of the story that they are. For me it is the same with birth photography and is as much, if not even much more so worthy of capturing the story of all the love, and patience , and strength, and togetherness and elation that surrounds birth.

But ***WHAT*** do you photograph exactly? This is (for obvious reasons) the question I get asked the most. Let’s just all say it now collectively VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA, there ! We got it out of the way so it’s no longer a taboo subject and I said it first lol  ;) Sometimes the faces of the older generation and sometimes the men aswell, are hysterical when they ask this question ! There is a very simple answer to this question is that I obviously give you say over what I photograph! Most women say to me just photograph whatever and then if I don’t want the actual crowning birth shots after then I don’t have to have them. The reality is though, that although some people may raise their eyebrows at this, these are photographs for YOU at the end of the day, they aren’t the kind of images you are going to show the whole world. The first magazine article I was included in regarding birth photography made the icky hint at ‘showing every tom, dick, harry and the postman’ and it actually really bugged me. Some women do choose to show their friends (I know of at lease one of my clients who had all her girlfriends round for a little party to watch her slideshow/video and they all loved it !) but the vast majority have it to keep for just them and their partner and maybe a select number of closest friends and family. The big thing to remember here as well is that I have become extremely good at my angles, and positioning, and lighting techniques (both on the day of the birth and in post production as well) so a lot of the time you can have graphic birth shots that show your baby being born but don’t actually show ANYTHING - However, the thing to bare in mind is that birth photography isn’t only about the birth shots, that is just a small part of it, it is about the build up of your labour, the first time you see your baby, the moment your partner first holds their child. Rest assured that there’s still lots to capture to document your birth if you choose not to have the crowning shots!

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